If I could be a professional reader I would be. I start a new book right after I finish one. Some of these books are longer than others, some are better than others, but all books are made to be read. For a full list of my books join me on GoodReads!

Cutting for Stone
The Air Between Us Finished 12/29/11
The Lake of Dreams Finished 12/23/11
True Colors Finished 12/19/11
The Last Days of Dogtown Finished 12/15/11
Hotel on the Corner of Bitter and Sweet Finished 12/6/11
Dead Reckoning Finished 11/27/11
Three Junes Finished 11/21/11
The Night Circus Finished 11/4/11
The Murderer's Daughters Finished 10/26/11
A Secret Kept Finished 10/21/11
The Great Gatsby Finished 10/13/11
Dead in the Family Finished 10/8/11
Dead and Gone Finished 10/4/11
From Dead to Worse Finished 9/21/11
All Together Dead Finished 9/13/11
Definitely Dead Finished 8/29/11
Dead as a Doornail Finished 8/23/11
Dead to the World Finished 8/16/11
We Were the Mulvaneys Finished 8/14/11
The Virgin Suicides Finished 7/22/11
Club Dead Finished 7/11/11
Living Dead in Dallas Finished 7/10/11
Operation Family Secrets Finished 7/9/11
Dead After Dark Finished 7/4/11
In the Garden of Beasts Finished 6/30/11
Day After Night Finished 4/19/11
The Bells Finished 4/12/11
Are You There, Vodka? It's Me, Chelsea Finished 4/5/11
The 19th Wife Finished 3/29/11
Sing Them Home Finished 3/14/11
Incendiary Finished 2/20/11
The Art of Racing in the Rain Finished 2/10/11
The Last of the Tribe Finished 2/8/11
Vinegar Hill Finished 2/2/11
Jane Eyre Finished 1/26/11
Mrs. Kimble Finished 12/2/10
Dear John Finished 11/29/10
Fall of Giants Finished 11/18/10
Little Bee Finished 10/26/10
The Distant Land of my Father Finished 10/23/10
Goodnight, Beautiful Finished 10/19/10
Chelsea Chelsea Bang Bang Finished 10/9/10
Ape House Finished 10/6/10
Backseat Saints Finished 10/3/10
Man Walks Into A Room
The Particular Sadness of Lemon Cake
Faithful Place Finished 8/28/10
Eating for Beginners Finished 8/15/10
The Girl who Kicked the Hornet's Nest Finished 7/26/10
The Girl who Played with Fire Finished 7/5/10
The Map of True Places Finished 6/11/10
Pride and Prejudice (Penguin Classics Clothbound edition) Finished 5/31/10
The Help Finished 4/10/10
Everything is Illuminated Finished 4/5/10
The Wrong Mother Finished 3/21/10
The Red Tent Finished 3/7/10
Digging to America Finished 2/25/10
Look Again Finished 2/22/10
The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo Finished 2/20/10
The Condition Finished 2/4/10
A Change in Altitude Finished 1/27/10
The Zookeeper's Wife Finished 1/21/10
World Without End Finished 1/8/10
Her Fearful Symmetry Finished 12/20/09
The Hour I First Believed Finished 12/3/09
The Lost Symbol Finished 11/18/09
Say You're One of Them Finished 11/15/09
Waiter Rant Finished 10/22/09
The Lace Reader Finished 10/11/09
The Story of My Face Finished 9/30/09
The Weight of Silence Finished 9/15/09
She's Come Undone Finished 9/13/09
The Women Finished 9/6/09