Tuesday, August 18, 2009

First Impressions

Saturday while I was at work Jus surprised me and painted our front door. We/I had picked the color in June when we were spent the weekend building new window boxes. When we bought the house a year ago it was white, white, white, in fact, the only thing that wasn't white was the carpet which was beige. Now the only thing that is white is the siding. We now have chocolate brown window boxes & trim around the door and a sage green door, shutters will hopefully follow soon.
For now I'll leave you with some door candy.

My Love for today: Jus, because he trusted me when I wanted a green door, and because he is patient with me when I get frustrated trying to figure out how to put pictures on here...grrr.
My Happiness for today: Our green door AND Herr's Old Bay Chips that my Dad hauled back from Philly for me, I only wish that they hadn't decided to change the chips from flat to ruffley.

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