Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Today's Exciting Events, Part 2

We surprised the dogs last night by bringing home a new roommate.
Meet Jack

My freshman year of college I was home for a break and all of the sudden decided I didn't want to go back to school unless I had a pet to keep me company, so I went searching for a kitten. I could have taken one of my parents cats but decided that since pets weren't allowed in the dorm a kitten would be less noticeable than a cat, I know, sort of screwy logic. Anyways, Jack lived in a dorm room for a month and then came home with me for the summer and has been living with my parents ever since.
My parents dogs like to chase him and he's been living in their basement lately so Jus & I thought we'd give it a shot. So far the girls have been pretty nice to him and Jus is excited that the ratio is now 3:2 instead of 3:1, but I think the move has really freaked him out because now he is nowhere to be found, we've been searching but haven't had any luck so far, darn cats and their hiding spots.
And now we're just left to wonder where he is and if we're crazy, do we really need two dogs and a cat???
PS Isn't the dot on his nose just too cute?

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