Monday, September 14, 2009

Happy Belated Birthday to me

Look what I got for my birthday!!!

Oh yeah, that's right, two Eames armshell chairs!
My parents had been working on getting these for a while, they were sitting outside a cottage by my parent's place at the lake. I had commented that I wanted them a couple of times but my parents had trouble getting a hold of the owner, and when they finally did he wasn't interested in selling, even though he had NO CLUE what they really were. My parents were finally able to work it out and now I have Eames Chairs!!!!
They're pretty dirty from being outside and have some damage, but for my first foray into the land of Eames I'm pretty excited.

I spent the afternoon scrubbing them and now they are sitting around our table with this sweet little mid century chair I picked up at an estate sale over the summer.
I know the wall above the table is a little bare but I'm working on something, promise.

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