Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Something Pretty

My BFF Beth is getting married in June and when we went shopping for bridesmaid dresses I suggested that we add a flower pin to make them a little snazzier. Beth found this tutorial on Make it Do and I spent some time this week making some pins.
So here's some of that tutorial mixed with some of my own.

What you'll need:
4 yards of wired ribbon (I had a lot of trouble finding wired ribbon that wasn't sheer)
Quilting thread

1. Pull on the wire on one side of the ribbon. Be sure to knot the end opposite which you'll be pulling. Pull wire until ribbon is ruffled as much as possible. Knot the end you were pulling at.

2. Start by folding the ribbon back and forth about 6 times and stitch through the folds a couple of times.

3. Start wrapping ribbon around sewn part. You will be sewing the side that you have pulled the wire through. After each layer be sure to sew through all layers. Once the flower is too thick to sew through entirely sew each new layer to the previous one.

6. Once you have wrapped the entire length of ribbon cut off any excess wire.

7. Cut a small circle of felt. Sew pin to back and cover with felt.

These pins are extremely easy to make, I made my first in a half hour, and once I got the hang of it the time went much quicker.
As you can see I made three different colors. The black ribbon had metal wire and the purple & grey ribbon had a plastic wire.
So that's that, let me know if you have questions. Good luck, loves.
And stay tuned for an extra special first time ever giveaway tomorrow.


Bethany said...

I love them!!!! Thank you so so so much for making those for me, I appreciate having a BFF that is handy/crafty :) You are the best!! Ps LOVE the coat in the post above, def engagement pictures, nice find!

my name is lauren. said...

so crafty! love those!