Friday, January 15, 2010

When I Love Jus the Most

Well, honestly, I love Jus all the time. Sometimes not as much as others (like when I have to nag him to take the dirty laundry downstairs-which is NOW SweetPea!) but in general I get the warm fuzzies when I look at his cute little butt (and the rest of him).
One of the times I love him the most is when he puts on Fleetwood Mac's Rumors* album for me. I know this might cut down some of my credibility but Second Hand News is one of my favorite songs to dance around the living room to.
What's that? You don't know Second Hand News? Well, here it is...but be sure to dance or else we can no longer be friends.

Done dancing? Ok, so I know it's not Fleetwood Mac's best song but it's really fun to sing the "down de down down down" part.
So on that note have a great weekend, do some fun silly dancing for me because there's gonna be a quiz on Monday.

*As if I need to prove my coolness more: When I was little my best friend and I had a choreographed dance to "Don't Stop."

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