Monday, February 15, 2010

Happy Monday/President's Day/3rd Day of the Olympics

Happy Monday!
I hope you had a great weekend and a Happy Valentine's Day. Jus surprised me at work Friday with an iPhone even though we said we weren't going to do Valentine's Day presents. He's just about the sweetest ever. (Don't worry, we went and got him one Saturday, and we've spent all weekend playing around on them) We spent Sunday at my parent's house watching the Olympics and eating shrimp, lobsters, artichokes & creme brulee.

I know I went on and on about love and my wonderful guest bloggers last week but bear with me as I gush a little bit more.
I really enjoyed having the guest bloggers, and from your comments I think you did too. I loved reading more about some of my favorite bloggers and felt like all of their answers were directed right at me. About halfway through last week I realized how sad I would be when the series ended (I'm not super sad about not posting four times a day though, that was tough work!)

I've decided to keep the love stories series going as a weekly guest blog series. I've already contacted a couple of great bloggers for the next couple of weeks but I need your help. If you'd like to participate in the series or have a blogger you'd love to know more about, email me or leave a comment here.
I've also been thinking about the name of the series, while I like "love stories" the posts aren't so much stories as they are super awesome wisdom that super awesome people give, plus there's already a great blog that shares lovely love stories.
So put on your thinking caps and leave a comment with your idea for a new name and if your idea is chosen I'll be sure to send a little something your way.


Anonymous said...

hey! just discovered your blog & i love it! my husband and i are recently married so i really enjoyed the love story posts. :)

LaLa said...

can't wait for more stories! Loving it! Have a great week!

danielle and dinosaur toes said...

I enjoyed reading the stories and getting to know some of the people better. Sorry I don't have any ideas for names, but I'll be sure to leave my thingking cap on!

And how sweet was that of Jus?!?!? I wish I got an iPhone! Lucky you!