Monday, February 22, 2010

Monday Monday

Happy Monday! I hope you had a good weekend. Jus & I went to my little sister's best friend's wedding Saturday night and spent Sunday on the sofa watching the Olympics and wearing my USA shirt (haha, I'm a nerd, I know it).
This week is exciting for me, I'm going to hit 200 posts Friday so be sure to stay tuned for something special.

But first, I have a confession to make...

I've only cooked one meal at home in the year 2010. That means over the last 52 days Jus and I have eaten out about 100 times. Granted, my parents own a restaurant so we're able to go there for free. But still, this means we've spent a lot of money and ate a lot of junk.
Our meals tend to look like this...


Last year at this time I was doing a great job of maintaining a healthy life, I was going to kickboxing class twice a week and yoga three times a week, but summer came and we started eating out more and more and now eating out is a part of our daily routine.
I doubt I need to mention it but we've also packed on a couple of pounds, with the wedding coming up we're both uncomfortable with the way we'll look on our wedding day. Jus's blood pressure is also outrageously high for someone so young (he's meeting with his doctor today, thankfully).
So we've made a decision to go back to a healthier way of life. I'm heading out to go grocery shopping later and plan to fill our fridge with fresh fruits & veggies and stock our cabinets with some whole wheats.
I've got some great cookbooks that I love but I'm always looking for new recipes. So help me out, what's your favorite?


danielle and dinosaur toes said...

Boy, I could really go for a burrito! I try to eat healthy, but we all relapse sometimes, so you can't beat yourself up!

Something I really like having for a snack is apple slices dipped in fat free vanilla yogurt or peaches cut up and mixed with blueberry yogurt (that might sound gross, but it's so good). Something that I do for exercise is put on music and dance around my house with Flojo or dance while I clean. It's not giving me Kate Moss's body, but it's better than nothing!

pen.ny said...

Good luck! Like Danielle said...we all relapse every now and then, you just can't beat yourself up about it! It's great that you two even recognize you are eating out so much!

I love 100 calorie packs of popcorn, granny smith apples (dipped in peanut butter sometimes), and yogurt:) I'm also in the market for some good cookbooks! If you find any good ones let me know!

my name is lauren. said...

if you search "recipes" on my blog there are a few of my favorites that will show up. my fave fave is this shrimp pasta that's on there. i make at least every other week....usually once a week.

also...i HIGHLY recommend "cooking light" magazine, or even just check out their website. that's where the majority of my recipes come from. still good food...and not "diet" food... just a bit healthier. craig approves of it, which is saying something cause he's super picky.

good luck and i hope you have a beautiful day!

Sarah C said...

deja-vu... matthew and i experienced this exact same thing, only the few months after the wedding. we packed on some extra warming layers (and not the cute cardigan kind). our new year's resolution was to get our eating-out in check, and just doing that has helped our health drastically. what helped me a ton was printing off these little sheets from the small object that keep track of the days you've succeeded (i blogged about them just looking at the calendar makes me feel better about the progress we've made!

one of my favorite cookbooks is 'simply in season'. it's a mennonite cookbook with wonderful, flavorful recipes that help you eat by the seasons. i also love 'the student's vegetarian cookbook' because it is filled with simple, but yummy, recipes that don't require any fancy ingredients.