Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Taking Care of Things

First off I want to let you know that I had a very productive day yesterday. I had some luck thrifting and then I went grocery shopping so our fridge is stocked for the week.
Last night I cooked dinner. (Hooray!!!) We had whole wheat pasta tossed in olive oil, garlic & basil and topped with shrimp. Jus had candied carrots (which I hate) and I had an artichoke (which he hates).
I'm feeling very proud of myself and am anxious to get back in the habit of cooking every night. I really love cooking and trying out new recipes, thanks for all of your ideas and help yesterday. I'll try to share any delicious recipes we happen upon.

Now, on to Tuesday things. I thought I'd play along with with Kassi at BacWoods Fern. Every Tuesday she has a link up featuring two things around your house and I love seeing what's in everyone else's home.

The first thing I'm featuring is this floral stool I picked up at an antique mall for $18 when I was visiting my sister at Indiana University. I know it's probably more of a kitchen thing but we don't have room in our kitchen and it's too cute to hide so it sits in our living room.

I'm not entirely sure if I get to claim the next thing as "mine," I'm sure Jus would put up a fight, but I really love the guitar room in our house. Jus is an awesome guitar player and it's nice to have all of his gear tucked away in the guitar room. Jus spends a fair amount of time in this room and I usually head there first when I get home from work, it's also where he proposed.

I especially love that he has his guitars hanging on the wall, I think it looks so freaking cool and is a great way to store them when he's not playing.

If you'd like to play along hop on over to BacWoods Fern and link up but be sure to leave a message so I know you've played along!


Chantel and Michael Magistro said...

My husband has three guitars as well, how did you hang them on the wall? That would save so much room! And it looks really cool too.


BuenoBueno said...

ooooh we have 3 guitars too! but not hanging up!
love your cahir and wall color!!!!

Anonymous said...

i love the guitar in the middle! only if i knew how to play ha

Kassi said...

i love stools! and what a deal!
we also have three guitars and two amps... we just keep them on stands though... love how you've hung them!
thanks so much for playing along cole!