Monday, March 8, 2010

Monday Monday

Happy Monday!
Did your weekend go as quickly as ours did?
We woke up earlier than normal Saturday which meant our day was significantly longer than Saturdays normally feel. We spent most of the day shopping at antique malls.
We found some things we had to bring home...

And some things that were just a little too crazy...

Sunday we went and saw the movie Crazy Heart, which was great and Jeff Bridges' Oscar is well deserved.

I also spent much of this weekend getting into Bon Iver. Jus had tried to have me listen to their before but I never really paid attention. I know I'm pretty late hopping on this train but I love. Bon Iver's sound and haven't listened to anything else this weekend.
It makes me wonder what else I'm missing.
So help me out, what else should I be listening to?


erin elder said...

LOOOOOOOVE Bon Iver!!!! They played a small show in my town a few years ago... they are amazing!!

You should look into Gregory Alan Isakov. Beautiful lyrics and instrumentals... lovely music to chill out to.

Ray Lamontagne is amazing as well...

pen.ny said...

Bon Iver IS amazing isn't he? Ah what he does to me, crazy sound.

I've been wanting to see Crazy Heart, heard good things about it! Must rent!

I just recently have been getting into Ray Lamontagne (as Erin Elder mentions above) and am super into it. Check it out:)

Rachel Elizabeth said...

The bear head might have been just a little too much.