Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Real People in Love: Brooke & Grant

Before I feature this week's lovely Real People in Love I have something to attend to...

Happy Anniversary Mom & Dad!
(Look at how fabulously happy they are!)

Today is my parent's 24th wedding anniversary. I know I've told you how awesome my parents are before but they really are the best. They have worked together everyday for the past 24 years, been the best parents to two daughters, they still dance in their living room, and you can read their Real People in Love here.
(I'm the cutie in the snowsuit)

Dear Mom & Dad,
Thank you for being such awesome parents and setting the bar so high, my hope is that Jus & I will follow in your footsteps and be more in love when we are old(er) and grey(er) than we are now.
I love you both!

And now, on to this week's Real People in Love, I'm very excited to feature Brooke, the lovely lady behind the absolutely lovely blog Playing Grown Up, and her cute hubby, Grant, if you've never been to Playing Grown Up hop on over and be ready to see some loveliness. They've also got the absolute cutest etsy shop. Brooke & Grant definitely fall in the "I wish they lived closer so we can be friends in real life" category.

How old are you & Grant?
I am 23, and Grant is 24. We dated on and off since we were 15 and 16. During the "off" times we were being best friends instead of "boyfriend and girlfriend." We have been married for nearly 5 years. (Our 5th anniversary is in May!)

What are your occupations?
I am a part-time college English teacher/part time etsy crafter/part time coffee barista (I like to dabble in many things!), and Grant is a law student. He only has one year left after this school year. Hooray!

How did you meet?
Grant was the worship leader and guitar player for his youth band at his church, and I attended a school spirit night there. I was wearing my cheerleading uniform because bringing a cheerleader won points for the spirit night. I was also a guitar player, though, and thought he was super-cute, so I struck up a conversation with him over guitar. I always say that it was the cheerleader uniform that hooked him!

How did you get engaged?
Grant and I had a special place at a dock on the lake in our town where we always went to talk. He made the dock look so beautiful, full of candles and roses, and proposed to me there. He said the sweetest things! That dock is such a special place to us.

Tell us about your wedding day (not necessarily elements but feelings too):
I was not nervous in the least-no wet feet- just excited that I finally got to become Grant's wife! Grant, however, said he was really nervous about being up in front of all those people and everything going well. (How funny, because he is generally really laid-back.)
It was such a special day to just enjoy being with our families and friends and to celebrate that we would be one from that day on.

Define Love:
I believe that love is being patient, kind, humble, forgiving, not easily offended, and serves others instead of serving self.
I have found in marriage that the "hearts-a-flutter" infatuation-ey love strengthens into a trusting, supportive love where the other person becomes more important than yourself and your wants (however, that fluttering heart doesn't fade!). If both people are always trying to care for the other one at all times, everyone is getting loved!

What is the toughest part of being in a committed relationship?
While Grant has been in law school, and my role has been more to support him rather than furthering my own goals, I have found that denying self has been the toughest. But that's not surprising since it's really hard not to be selfish even on one's own! But we're one, so we take up slack when the other needs it. Right now, I'm making it so he can do what he wants, and later, he will do the same for me.

What is the best part?
Oh, gosh. That's difficult to say because there are so many wonderful things! I love having someone who is always on your side, but is not afraid to call you on things you need improvement on. Someone who completely understands you and loves you anyway. And I looooove having a life-long snuggle-buddy!

What is the best day the two of you have had together?
That's so hard too. I feel like everyday is the best. Like in that song, "I love you more today than yesterday... but not as much as tomorrow."
We love the days where we can get away from everyone else and all responsibilities and just have fun together and enjoy one another. We could sit and talk forever!

What makes you different from other couples?
I know everyone probably says this, but we are so weird together! We are very, very silly and we give things odd names and then call it that without realizing, until someone says, "What are you two talking about?" We are very worried about our children not knowing what things are really called.

What's the most essential element of making it?
I think making time for one another is really important. When Grant is busy with school and I am busy with things we make little mini-dates- meeting in the kitchen at a certain time to eat cookies and talk, or meeting at Barnes and Noble for a half hour to chat.
And I would say our faith is the most important thing in our relationship. Our faith shows us how to love even when it's difficult that day.

What is your favorite thing to do together?
We love playing music together, since we both love music so much. We also love trips together because we have lots of time to talk and be silly.

Do you have a song?
Can't say that we do. Hmm... But the "O" album by Damien Rice is special to us because it reminds us of when we were first dating. Grant gave me that CD and I really loved it.

What are your hopes for the future?
We hope to always show other people that they are loved by how we treat them. We hope to raise children to be caring people, and we hope to use whatever blessings we are given in the future to help others.

Anything else the world needs to know about love?
It's your greatest blessing- don't forget to appreciate it everyday in some small way.
Take the most care of your loved one- if you don't who else will?!

PS- Happy St. Patrick's Day! Have a green beer or add some Bailey's to your coffee for me!

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Oh my goodness you look exactly like your mom! -- aside from the hair and clothes... but seriously, what a resemblance!!

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