Friday, March 12, 2010

Roundup: Quilts

The other night Jus and I traded in our down comforter for a light quilt. I know it might be premature but with the warmer weather we hadn't been sleeping as well. We still have our down comforter on the end of our bed but getting into a bed with just a sheet and a quilt really makes it start to feel like spring.
So I thought I'd celebrate the weather and roundup some cute quilts just in case you need a change.

Sometimes I wish I lived alone so I could fill my house with the girliest of colors.

I love that this looks modern, vintage, and tribal all at the same time.

I've loved this quilt for a long time.

If you're in the mood for something a little less feminine.

A little chicer than your grandma's floral quilt.

I think "Little House on the Prairie" is responsible for my love of patchwork quilts.

I love the modern feel of this one.

I'm a sucker for a good pattern

Would it be ok to fill our registry with John Robshaw quilts?

I love the rich color and scroll pattern on this quilt.

Have I mentioned I like this color?

A beautiful elegance

I love the modern stripes of this set.

I keep coming back to this cute quilt.

This bright color will certainly liven up your bedroom

Sometimes I just want something clean, white and bright.

Looking for a little more structure?

I kinda love the fact that this quilt reminds me of lollipops and flowers at the same time.

I love the color & the pattern, this set is just plain cute!

I'm not quite sure how Jus would feel if he came home to this but wouldn't it be fun to show your wild side?

What do you have on your bed?

PS If you ever have an idea for a roundup let me know!


pen.ny said...

That Rosette quilt from Anthro will have my heart forever.

Sarah C said...

We have a bright quilt from Urban - with poppies and lotus flowers, black, orange, red, and yellow.

word of caution, though: the batting from the quilt is all shoved into the ends because it just wasn't made well. we love it anyway, but it was quite sad to see it basically fall apart.

I'm really digging the bright blue Amy Butler quilt. Wow!

Rachel Elizabeth said...

I love the one from Overstock but it's dry clean only. I'll be looking for a similar one that is machine washable for the spring and summer months.

Anonymous said...

Quilting is a wonderful outlet. When you make your own it is uniquely you- try it you will become addicted.