Thursday, March 18, 2010

Roundup: Stairway (to Heaven)

I've been itching to do something to our house. I love little touches and unexpected elements that add some joy in a home. It's so special when a homeowner adds some whimsy and decorates somewhere unexpected, like a stairwell. Stairs are usually just a way to get from one floor to another, but when you add some design to them stairs are suddenly something fun. (Plus doing stairs is good for your booty!)

No bookcase needed

This would be a great way for kids to learn how to count, or fun for adults

A little something unexpected and edgy on a landing

These stairs make me smile

A) I would love to have a little nook under my stairs for an office B) Leopard print carpet? Hell yes.

Floating stairs are very fun and slightly nervewracking

This might be what my dream staircase looks like

Painting an animal print on your stairs would be an awesome way to show your wild side

Our stairs are enclosed, I dream of having open stairs someday

Climbing the stairs to your bedroom would be uber romantic if there were love notes written on each stair

Wouldn't it be awesome to paint these ribbon stairs like ribbon candy?

Having some words to ponder would make a trip up the stairs more thoughtful

I love suspension bridges and suspension stairs would be even cooler

These are technically for cats but I'd pretty much love a human version

This is a great way to use wallpaper, and much cheaper than wallpapering an entire room

I would be shaking my booty all the way up these disco stairs

Adding your loved ones faces to your stairs is a sweet way to think of them daily

I'm not sure how I feel about the cleanliness aspect of these

Pantone colors are good Pantone color stairs are great

An awesome way to recycle

And perhaps the coolest stairs of them all


BrittanButterfly said...

wow, how interesting! my mom painted her stairs, and we used to live in a place that had open stairs that always made me nervous! ha ha ha! There are quite a few of those stairs you posted that I would definitely fall down... or up, ha ha ha!

Laura said...

Now I really really want some piano stairs up to my room... new dream house idea? I think so. :]

I Love You More Than... said...

This is such a great post! Now, I really want to wallpaper my stairs.

Cailie said...

Those stairs are so fun! I'd never even thought about decorating stairs..but now when I have my own house I just might have to! I told my hubby today that we should chalk the ones outside our apartments (they're cementish). Thanks for the package!! I posted pictures of it and am trying to grow the sunflowers on my deck and I hope it works:)

JMay said...

My fav. has to be the disco stairs ;-)

BuenoBueno said...

i want the numbered stairs!!!!!