Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Two Things I Love Around My Home & Two Things I Just Love

I've been wanting to give you a tour of our house but it is too messy and there are still too many projects that need to be done. So for now we'll just have to stick with playing along with Kassi from BacWoods Fern's Two Things I Love Around My Home Tuesdays. I love seeing what everyone loves around their home so hop on over and play along!

The first thing I love is this piece of Polish paper art that I picked up at an antique mall last summer. If I could fill my house with paper art I totally would, I feel so lucky to have found this beauty.

My second favorite thing is maybe my favorite thing in our entire house. I absolutely LOVE our bathroom floor. I wanted these tiles for so long and they were the first thing in our bathroom remodel that I decided upon. They set the tone for the rest of the bathroom as well.

And now on to the things I just plain love....

I love you lovelies and all of your wonderful book suggestions. I love the idea of doing book reviews but need to think about it a bit more before I launch another series (isn't 3 enough). As for my favorite books I'll be doing a roundup of them this Thursday so you can load up your bookshelves.

My second love for today is the outfit I wore yesterday. I am by no means a fashion plate but lately I feel like I've been stepping up my game a bit more. I think my style has been positively influenced by the super stylish ladies I've found online.
What are some things you're loving today?

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Vanessa said...

Love the bathroom floor & love your outfit! Super cute!!

Fallon said...

The paper art is fantastic and I realllly love your floor. I have been bathing in a bathroom with cement floors because we can't pick a tile that we like that doesnt cost a fortune. I like the color of the grout, we definently want a grey grout... thats about all we are sure of!

my name is lauren. said...

i've wanted honeycomb tiles FOR-Eh-VER! sadly, we have a ranch style house, and it just doesn't go with the decor. one day though :).

hope you have a good day cole!

Kassi said...

love the paper art! so pretty!
and we used to have the same tile in our bathroom of our old house. i loved it!
thanks for playing along cole!

monica said...

i love love love your floors...

and your outfit is super cute too!


Jewels said...

Love the belted dress and your boots!