Tuesday, April 20, 2010

100 Photos: 21-40

One of the reasons I like baking is because I can see the results almost instantaneously.

We could see grass on Sunday, today's been nothing but snow. It's so very cold lately, I'm ready for spring.

I think the only thing more exciting than receiving packages is sending them.

Jus & I spent last night at a Gov't Mule concert. Live music is something we never turn down.

Edie came back from the vet with more energy than ever. She's recovering well and will be back to normal in a couple of weeks.

Last night we had my mom take some pictures for our save the dates. We probably won't use this one but I really really love it.

Look who I got to spend time with last night, isn't she just the cutest? Do you love her outfit as much as I do?

The other night we took a break from taking pictures to hoola hoop. Jus is officially the better hoola hooper.

At the end of our save the date photo shoot we decided to have a little fun. What's love without fun?

Somebody was being a naughty puppy and licking her stitches. The vet suggested a collar, so now somebody's just a funny looking puppy, but at least her stitches are healing.

We spent yesterday registering. We're spending today trying to figure out where all of the new stuff will go.

I had been wanting to make a new garland and had been struggling with what to make when I was inspired by Melanie to make one with these doilies. I love the extra love.

Last night Edie got into some glitter. We were trying to take some pictures of her sparkly face but Jus just made her look silly instead.

Edie is such a mama's girl. She has to sit on my lap whenever we're on the sofa together.

I sent these Valentines out yesterday.

Yesterday I was having a rought day at work but as soon as I saw Jus my entire day got better. I hugged him for ten minutes straight. I love this man so much.

Last night at work my phone wasn't working. Jus came in to drop something off and asked to see my non-working phone. He said "Maybe this one will work better" and handed me a brand new iPhone. I can't believe I'm lucky enough to have the sweetest fiance in the world.

It's true, you are the best.

We ended Valentine's Day in bed reading. It was pretty perfect.

I found these awesome mid century modern hanging pendant lights yesterday. I can't wait to rewire them so they can frame our bed.

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