Friday, April 23, 2010

100 Photos: 81-100

I shipped our save the dates today. I'm a little nervous and a lot excited. I promise a photo shoot later in the week.

Every once in a while I get really excited about my outfit. Especially when I wear a $10 striped Old Navy dress. And then I forget to have Jus take a picture so I have to scramble around with the self timer.

When the Forsythias start to bloom at this time of the year I always think of this story:
When I was younger I had some big hearing/speech issues. One time my mom was driving me home from an ear doctor appointment and I got all excited and screamed "Look Mom, 4 sybias, 1 sybia, 2 sybia, 3 sybia, 4 sybia, 4 SYBIAS!"

After a day of warm weather I realized how badly I need a pedicure.

I fully intended to show you our beautiful daffodils today but then I saw this and it made me smile my biggest smile. I thought I'd pass it on to you, because after all, HAPPY FRIDAY!

I was so excited to see that the daffodils were coming up. I'm tempted to cut them all and bring them inside but I love coming home and seeing them around the house!

I made Jus hunt for his Easter basket this morning, but it was his choice to wear the bunny ears.

My wonderful mother cut me some of her daffodils so we could have some inside. I had forgotten how yummy they smell!

Bubble gum colored nail polish makes me happy.

It's been a rainy type of day today. Perfect for jammies and sofas.

I saw two mallard ducks walking down the railroad tracks on my way home. I couldn't help but think it was a little strange.

They were calling for frost last night so before bed I ran outside and cut all of the daffodils in our backyard along with some forsythia. Don't worry, I left the oodles of daffodils in the front yard.

I spent the whole day working at the restaurant, I was glad to be done and am looking forward to spending my night with Jus.

I love today because I get to spend it with Banan eating pizza al fresco & shopping our little hearts out.

I tried to capture random photos all weekend. It was fun to be a little paparazzo.

My parents have a sour cherry tree that is in full bloom right now. I could smell it fifty feet away.

After work I wanted to go for a run but felt bad leaving the girls home on such a beautiful day. I thought I'd go for a run with the dogs but I soon realized that little Miss Edie Sedgwick has the shortest legs ever. A quarter of the way into our walk Edie decided she was done and laid down.

Our neighbor boy and Edie love each other. I let her outside to play with him today and then spied on them through the window.

I loved having forsythias in our bedroom so much that I bought some fake cherry branches. I'm not sure how I feel about having fake flowers in our house but I love how cheery they are.

Do me a favor and tell someone you love them today. It might be your mom or your dog but saying those words will give you an instant smile.


Micaela said...

i love the roundup (and that old navy dress/outfit! you're too cute!!!)

the flowers in mason jars are gorgeous. + jus's sweet notes to you are priceless. le sigh!

i really loved your photo project cole. and cheers on sending out your invites! :) they were sooo fun and creative! xoxoxo

Ashleigh said...

I love the coral shower curtain, where did you get it? So cute!