Friday, April 16, 2010

100 Photos: Day 99

I loved having forsythias in our bathroom so much that I bought some fake cherry branches. I'm not sure how I feel about having fake flowers in our house but I love how cheery they are.

PS Can you believe that tomorrow is my 100th photo?


Sarah said...

I have the same shower curtain in my bathroom & i adore it! love this photo!

Micaela said...

no i can't believe your ps! i've really enjoyed them! :)

j'adore your shower curtains!!! & keeping flowers in my house is something i ought to start doing!

Lanie said...

Love the shower curtains. Also, fake flowers are nice because you don't have to take care of them! :D

That's so crazy that tomorrow is the last picture! I've only been around for the last few, but I've enjoyed them. :]

Annie Cristina said...

I love those shower curtains! Can't wait to see your 100th photo. :)