Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Happy Sunny Day

Yesterday was the kind of sunny day that made me smile (and sweat) all day.
I planted our window boxes, I plant them by color, last year they were pink, this year they're purple.
Sorry for the crappy photo, I forgot to take one when it was daylight.

Our peonies have started blooming and I just had to bring some inside. I adore peronies and would love to have them as my wedding flowers but can't imagine paying $15 a stem in October when I have three bushes blooming in May!

Yesterday evening Jus asked if I wanted to dance so he put on a little Bruce and Jus, Edie & I did some guitar room dancing.
These things, combined with warm weather make it feel like summer and make me so so so happy.

What's making you happy today?

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danielle and dinosaur toes said...

i just love your pretty little edie!

i love peonies, too, and i'm sad that ours have already bloomed and withered :( they smell SO good, and i only need to have two or three for them to make half the house fragrant!

Micaela said...

reminds me of alice in wonderland :)

i love your dress and dancing just because.

warms my heart!!!

(btw- i've missed you!)

i'm happy that even though it was my day off i cleaned house... sometimes it's not all that bad ;) i feel like a 50's housewife in my heels and it's an excuse to enjoy a martini in the middle of the day lol