Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Real People in Love: Naomi & Josh

I think you all know how much I love this series, and I cannot CANNOT tell you how excited I am to share today's couple. I'd be willing to bet that you are all familiar with the lovely Naomi & Josh of The Rockstar Diaries and if you aren't then hop on over there! (After you read their responses, of course!) Anyways, Josh & Naomi (and their adorable pup, Kingsley) are the cutest and lead an incredibly sweet life that I love to read about. I was so excited to receive an email from Naomi saying she'd participate, I've been drooling over some of the lovely headbands in the love, Taza shop but unfortunately they tend to sell out before I can snag one.

How old are you & Josh?
I am 23 years old and Josh is 27.

How long have you been together?
We are celebrating our 3rd wedding anniversary this summer!

What are your occupations?
Josh works in finance and I teach dance. I also do little freelance projects dancing and styling and have my own online shop.

How did you meet?
We met on the corner of 65th and Columbus in NYC.

How did you get engaged?
Josh proposed to me inside a little blanket fort we build in my old apartment in New York City.

Tell us about your wedding day (not necessarily elements but feelings too):
It was a sunny summer day in NYC. We both cried during our sealing... and I think we giggled a little too. Best day of our lives so far (well, I can't speak for Josh but I have a feeling...)

Define Love:
I wish I could, but I'm not so great with words. It's definitely something magical that encompasses trust, loyalty, understanding, patience, caring unconditionally for and always being there for that special someone.

What is the toughest part of being in a committed relationship?
Compromising. Knowing when you're wrong and when to say sorry (I'm still working hard at this! Ugh.)

What is the best part?
Waking up next to him every single morning and thinking "this is still for real!"

What is the best day you and Josh have had together?
I can't really pin point one. The days where we go out and explore our city together are always so much fun. We like adventures. We're also just as happy and content being home bodies and ordering in and talking together or watching a movie. We aren't picky.

What makes you different from other couples?
Hmmmm, We have the cutest english bulldog puppy in the entire world? Haha, just kidding. But no really...

What is your favorite thing to do together?
I think we both just really love being together and talking. Our communication has really improved over the years which I"m thankful for. We love just sitting at home and talking without cell phones or computers or other distractions around. It has definitely strengthened our relationship and added a whole new level of trust and safety.
Kingsley, the cutest english bulldog puppy--and second cutest puppy-behind Edie of course :)

Do you have a song?
We do, but it's a secret! ;)

What is the most essential element of making it?
In my opinion, putting your partner and marriage first but always staying true to yourself.

What are your hopes for the future?
We're excited to have a family together someday.

Anything else the world needs to know about love?
Never stop believing in love.

A HUGE thanks to Naomi & Josh for participating in this series!

PS- If you'd like to participate in my Real People in Love series (or have someone you're itching for me to bug until they'll participate) just shoot me an email!


Malin said...

They are indeed cute!!! Thanks for sharing with us!!

Love your series!!

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Cute interview! They seem like a nice couple.

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what a beautiful post! I love this series!

karla said...

this was so cute! i'd like to know more about heart of light and her man and dachsies and design and her lobsterman. those stories intrigue me!

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love this series!!

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That's awesome that Naomi and Josh participated! I love their blog... and yours too! :D

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Great interview, they're the cutest! :)

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I love Naomi and Josh! Great series. :)

naomi megan. said...

Thanks so much for asking to us to participate! Loved this! It was fun!