Tuesday, June 15, 2010


Last night we had our new friends over for dinner. We had delicious food (which I'll share later), but for now I'm going to share the recipe that kept us laughing all night. (Sorry I forgot to take a picture).

Pear Sangria from this month's Glamour
2 bottles of cheapish Sauvignon Blanc (mine cost about $8)
3 cups cranberry juice
2 tablespoons lime juice
2 sliced pears
1/2 pint each of raspberries & blackberries

Let this mixture sit for at least ten hours

I normally don't like sangria but I absolutely loved this recipe and in the end we finished the entire batch.
I think I might experiment with using peaches instead of pears but I'll definitely keep the raspberries and blackberries as they didn't soak up as much of the wine as the pears did and were able to keep their flavor a bit.
This pear sangria is the perfect summer drink and I think I might need to keep a batch made up in the fridge just in case I get thirsty this summer.

What's your favorite summer drink?

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Ash Att said...

thats awesome!! one of my friends loves sangrias. so it looks like i will be using this reciipe to make him some yummy pear sangrias :) thanks for the awesome post!