Thursday, August 26, 2010

Roundup: My Birthday's Next Week!

I spent the day yesterday on the sofa recovering from some yucky flu/coldish thing. I can't begin to tell you how much I hate being sick but the good thing is that I had plenty of time to put together this week's roundup.
I'm turning 25 on Monday so what better to roundup than things I wouldn't mind getting as a present! (I'm pretty sure everyone already has my present, but just in case here is my super dreamy/super expensive wish list...)

I have been wanting to add some Hunter wellies to my wardrobe since I first saw them.
(The Pea Green Wellies are on sale for $88.50!)

I really love this plywood ampersand and think it would be super cute hanging over the sweetheart table at our wedding but am not quite sure what I'd do with it after the wedding.

I've been looking for a dress for my second bridal shower and would love to wear this one.

I always start craving leather purses in the fall.

Ok, so I know we'll never be able to afford this chair but the color is super dreamy.

I can't wait to start wearing dresses with sleeves again.

Last fall & winter I wore boots every day of the week, but it's probably time to upgrade from my Target boots.

I would absolutely love to have Amy Butler's Vintage Botanica China to grace my table, unfortunately it's been discontinued.

I'd gladly settle for these beauties, unfortunately, they're sold out.

If Jus and I ever win the lottery the first thing I'll do is make sure to buy lots and lots of Anthropologie's furniture.

I love my vintage Schwinn but I have a feeling a new bike might be easier to ride.

What are you wishing for these days?


Scientific Housewife said...

Love these pieces! Happy early Birthday and I hope you get well soon!

Anonymous said...

im wishing for my sister to come up with cheaper things she wants for her birthday!!

Amanda said...

Great list! P.S. Buy the ampersand. Use it for the wedding and then you will always find a place for it in the house.

Wonderful finds too! Thanks for leading me to some great sites.

Amanda said...

oh be still my heart! i love your picks! i think i might nab a couple of them for my upcoming birthday! expectantly the brown boots, so yummy!

Anonymous said...

If you ever do color me happy again I would love to join! I was too late this last time :/! :)