Wednesday, August 11, 2010


Ugh, sorry I've been gone all week lovebugs. We've been trying to muscle through our invitations and try to get them done this week. Unfortunately this is taking forever and I spend every night sitting in front of two computers trying to print these puppies out.

So I'm going to ask you for a little sympathy and an exemption for this week. I promise that I'll be back to normal next week but we really need to get our wedding invitations in the mail this week.

I hope you understand! Trust me, I miss & love you all!



Meghan said...

Good luck with your invites! Can't wait to see them!

Erica said...

When getting ready for my wedding, I was most surprised at the invitation process. It took so much longer than I would've thought. But I have good memories of making my own invites. Good luck!

Hazel Williams said...

I just received the final proofs for our invitations! It is such an exciting time! Can't wait to get them and then start addressing them etc! I also just received my 'Colour Me Happy Swap' and I have to say it was such an absolutely fabulous idea and thank you so much for making it possible! :) Hazel

Scientific Housewife said...

Take your time and good luck with the invitations!

Chantel said...

Good luck with the invitations! Any chance we'll get to see what they look like? I'm so excited for you!

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