Monday, September 27, 2010

Hello Again

I wanted to stop by and fill you in with our life.
Over the weekend I had my bachelorette party and my little sister, Banan, did a great job planning.
My party included
(great friends)

a little
(daytime drinking-my fave!)

a lot of

Which made me

And even
(who was hilarious!)

But now it's back to the real world, which means back to the reality that the wedding is 19 days away. I have to say, though, I'm feeling remarkably good about where we are with wedding stuff, we have to make our programs & some little odds and ends. Jus & I have done a lot of work on the wedding and this week we'll start decorating our reception space.
But you didn't think we'd make it that easy on ourselves, did you?

Well, we aren't. Last Wednesday, my grandpa (the one who owns the space our reception is going to be held in, who is known around our town for restoring the down town) called my mom and told her she had to go look at a house. My parents, Jus & I went through the house Wednesday afternoon, by Thursday Jus & I had talked to the bank and Friday we placed an offer, got a counter offer, and accepted!

Our soon to be home was built in 1890 and is 3000 square feet! It's an early prairie home, has five bedrooms, 2 and 2 half baths, two garages, a fireplace, an elevator, and the most awesome attic. It needs some work, but Jus & I are so extremely excited to get into our forever home and have this be the place we spend the rest of our lives.
Today we're going to apply for the loan (which should be easy since the bank owns the house and we got it for less that our current home cost) and the house could be ours by the end of the week! (Which if you're counting would be 15 days before the wedding!)
I'm pretty overwhelmed, extremely excited, and feeling pretty crazy that soon we'll own two homes. We'd like to rent or sell our current home so if you happen to be in Northern Indiana and are looking for a cute starter house shoot me an email!
I'm not sure if I'll be able to stop back by before the wedding, but I promise to be back afterwards with all sorts of pictures!
Love you!


carmen said...

Congratulations and good luck with the rest of your preparations.

cailen ascher said...

bachelorettte party looks like it was a blast! and the house is adorable!

(ps. found you via 20sb. liking your blog. gonna follow : )

Meghan said...

Were you in Chicago??? I live RIGHT down the street from the Chicago Theater! It looks like you had an incredible night! And congrats on the house! How exciting!