Monday, October 25, 2010

We're BAAAaaaaaaaaaaaaack!

Hello my darlings!
We are back from our honeymoon, unbelievably happy & slightly more relaxed. We had a great trip (which I'll definitely share with you) but it's so nice to be home, with Edie on our laps & Layla by our side.
Not long after we got home we started packing up our house, I can't believe how much we have accumulated over the past two years! It's slightly overwhelming to think that we've got a house to restore and a house to pack up & sell.
I promise to try and post regularly now so I can fill you in on our little life, but I have a feeling our life is going to be almost as crazy now as it was in the past month.
While we were gone our wonderful photographer posted a couple more teaser shots (she said the whole teaser is going to be posted tomorrow) so I thought I'd feed you all a little more eye candy to hold you over until life normalizes a little more.

Our first look

Isn't it amazing that Janie was able to capture fall in a picture of perfume?

A while ago I told Janie that my favorite picture is usually of the dress and when she showed me this picture of my beauty I drooled a little.

I feel a little silly for posting such a serious picture of myself, but I loved being a bride.

And Jus was a groom! (Doesn't he look like a total stud?)

And one of my beautiful mama looking at me in my dress.

And last, but certainly not least, us, at our new house, with a sun flare!

I'm really not sure if I can tell you how awesome our photographer Janie and her hubby, John, are. If you're looking for a wedding photographer, or to do an anniversary or engagement shoot get in touch with Janie, I promise you, she's just as cool as her pictures are beautiful!


Scientific Housewife said...

Wow, what beautiful pictures and you look gorgeous! Welcome back and glad to hear it all went so well :)

marisa said...

You looked absolutely gorgeous <3. It looks like the day turned out beautifully!

Congrats again girl!

P.S. You look so so much like your mom!

Prippy Handbook said...

Congratulations! Your pictures are stunning.

Anonymous said...

Congrats! Your pictures look great! And congrats on the house as well. What a fun way to start married life.

carmen said...

you made a beautiful bride! welcome back.

Anna said...

I am so excited to see the rest of your pictures. You looked beautiful!

cailen ascher said...

great pictures! hope married life is treating you well so far : )

Jenna said...

thanks for sharing the pictures! You look beautiful. I especially am in love with the picture of your mom looking at you, you can tell she is so proud!

Laura said...

I LOVE all of them - That perfume shot is too cool! And the one of your mom looking at your - SO sweet. And how cool that you got one in front of your new house?! Yea. I love them all.

Meghan said...

These look incredible!!! Congrats!!! So happy for you!