Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Hello Darlings

I hope you had a wonderful weekend.
Jus & I went to Indianapolis with my parents to visit my sister. We had a wonderful time and went to some fabulous places. I took lots of photos but unfortunately they're all on my phone and my phone got wet and won't take a charge now. (Double, triple, quadruple unhappy face) My phone is sitting in a bag of rice and hopefully it'll be dry by tomorrow so I can share our weekend with you, and if not I promise to find pictures online and show you those.
This morning I'm back to work baking lots of pies that are ordered for Thanksgiving, hopefully tonight we'll get to the new house to do some painting (Jus picked out the guitar room color) and tomorrow I'll be baking even more pies. Thursday we're headed to two Thanksgivings and Friday it's back to work.
I'm feeling like our life is a little routine now and a teensy bit boring, I'm finding myself wishing for a blizzard to try and change things up a bit. I've decided that I'd like to be living at the new house by Christmas, which means a lot more painting, a lot more work, and unfortunately, a lot more money. With two house payments & two car payments Jus & I are stretched pretty thin, which means Christmas might be a little sparse this year. Luckily, I saw some great homemade gift ideas and I can't wait to get started crafting some presents, and promise to share the DIY instructions with you!

Are you making any Christmas presents this year?

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