Friday, December 3, 2010

Hair's the Thing

Two years ago my stylist and I were talking about my hair and my addiction to length change, at the time my hair was shoulder length and my stylist asked me to try and grow it longer. I decided that I'd grow it until I got married. A year later I was itching to cut it all off when Jus proposed.
At that point I started to grow out my layers and as my hair grew down my back my curls loosened up. A week before the wedding my wedding day stylist declared that she needed to cut a couple of inches off of my length in order to fit all of my hair in my updo.
Jus & me at our rehearsal
(This is the longest my hair has ever been!)

My beautiful wedding hair

The month and a half since the wedding I have suffered through long, layerless hair. It hasn't been very curly and it has been very tangley and frizzy. Last Wednesday I had finally had enough, I needed a haircut and I needed one now! (Do you ever get it in your head that you NEED a haircut that very day?)
I called around and being the day before Thanksgiving all of the salons were either booked solid or closed. I finally remembered that one of our friend's friends used to be a stylist and still has a little salon in his basement. I called him as I was leaving work and went immediately.
I was in and out in a half hour with 4 less inches for $10 and in the week that has followed I couldn't be happier with my cut!
Short hair is so freeing!
(And no, I'm not naked)

Do you make rash hair decisions?


steph c said...

Hiya! Recent follower.. but wanted to chime in that your hair looks fab short.. I love it! I recently chopped my locks off too, and I totally agree.. SO freeing!

danielle and dinosaur toes said...

very pretty, but you're pretty wither way! i haven't had my hair cut in several years aside from a trim every few months. i hate the tangles that come with long hair, but i like having extra weight so it can sort of help with the poofiness.

Ashley said...

Aww. You are beautiful! Long or short hair, either way, you are gorgeous!

<3 Ash

Lissa Clair said...

i love your short hair! i am jealous. whenever i have short hair, i look like a twelve-year-old. hate the tangles that come with long hair, though. and the constant baby gripping and pulling but whatev... at least i don't look twelve!

MandeeFoFandee said...

I love, love, LOVE it! I have to say, I'm completely jealous of your long hair though. I keep cutting mine short because it gets to that medium stage and it just drives me bonkers!