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Real People in Love: Rebecca & JD

The female half of this week's Real People in Love contacted me several months ago right before she would celebrate her 10th anniversary. Fast forward a couple of months and Rebecca and JD are now well into their tenth year together and I think it's pretty obvious that they'll be celebrating several more decades of love & happiness. To read more about Rebecca & JD hop on over to Rebecca's blog, Northern Grin.

How old are you & JD?
I'm 26 and he's 28.

How long have you been together?
We've been married for five years and together for ten :)

What are your occupations?
He's a web programmer- mostly self-taught and I'm incredibly proud of him. I'm a bookkeeper for a small company.

How did you meet?
We actually met online. I met his friend- who was later our best man- first, in a chat room, and when I invited him to stay in the summer of 2000, he wanted to bring JD too. So JD and I got chatting on ICQ and then we met in person on June 10th, 2000 when we happened to be at the same gig together in Manchester. We watched the Mighty Mighty Bosstones together and I knew then that I really liked him. Two weeks later I asked him out. That was June 26th, 2000. We haven't looked back...

How did you get engaged?
It was on my 17th birthday, just 6 months after we got together. He talked about marriage from very early on in our relationship- he knew he wanted to spend his life with me. We picked out a right together at Christmas. It was silver and CZ and so special, even though it didn't cost a lot. The funniest part was when I told my parents. They were speechless. On the night before my 17th birthday he pulled the ring out, I don't remember him actually asking me! It took him months to tell his mum.
For my 20th birthday he bought me a beautiful diamond and white gold ring, but I have, of course, kept the other one too.

Tell us about your wedding day (not necessarily elements but feelings too):
I think most brides get to a point where you just think "As long as we're married by the end of today I don't care about anything else." I had literally just finished my degree and had been stressed over that, so the intricacies of the wedding almost stopped mattering. I remember lots of family and friends around, and holding his hand all day and smiling a lot. I remember tons of confetti and rice down my bra! I remember his dad welcoming me to the family, I remember my dad being so, so proud. This is even more poignant now because my dad died 2 years ago; I am so happy that he got to walk me down the aisle.
Taken on Rebecca's 17th birthday, when Rebecca & JD got engaged!

Define Love:
Love is handling all the shit that life throws at you- together.

What is the toughest part of being in a committed relationship?
Putting someone else first.

What is the best part?
Putting someone else first.

What is the best day the two of you have had together?
We've had a lot- and some really, really crap ones too. The point to me is that, good or bad, I want JD by my side to hug me and hold my hand and say, 'hey baby, it's ok.'

What makes you different from other couples?
I don't know. Aren't all couples a bit stupid and a bit wrapped up in each other and serious when they need to be?

What is your favorite thing to do together?
Just chill out. We do it rarely, actually. We like eating out, too.

Do you have a song?
Yeah, one of the first mix tapes he ever made for me had Pennywise doing "Stand By Me" on it, so that is kind of our song. We had "I'm A Man You Don't Meet Every Day" by the Pogues at our wedding, because he is one of a kind to me.

What is the most essential element of making it?
Realising that you've never truly made it- each day is a process and sometimes it's a struggle and sometimes it's blissful.

What are your hopes for the future?
We'd like to move house to somewhere bigger, and we would like kids some day.

Anything else the world needs to know about love?
It's worth it- even when your heart is broken. You have to give love to get love. Love often and love much.

As always, if you'd like to participate in the Real People in Love series, just shoot me an email! My Real People in Love queue is getting short and I'd love to feature you!

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