Friday, January 21, 2011

Vlog Friday: When Did You First Feel Like a Grown Up?

Happy Friday and welcome to the second Vlog Friday!

This week's theme is When Did You First Feel Like a Grown Up?

I'd love for you to play along! If you do grab the button and leave a comment below so I can be sure to add your link!

Next Week's Topic:
What were you like in 8th grade?

As always be sure to check out my lovely co-creator, Kate at MarshMellow Goodness and have a happy happy weekend, lovebugs!

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steph c said...

Love it! I totally get the insurance thing.. I felt like such a grown up when I got a full time job that gave me my own insurance and I could go off of my dad's! ((Even though I'm now currently on my fiancé's, but whatevs)).

I am SO excited for next week. I need to do some thinking and collecting of photos!

Check out my vlog at:

Kate said...

So with you on the health insurance thing! It was so creepy to be the insured and insurer...and when I had to decide who my beneficiaries would be! eep!

Ann said...

love this & glad to here youre doing much better! Can't wait til next week. I think 8th grade was an akward year for everyone, especially me! I did the dialect vlog this week

cailen ascher said...

i just started vlogging too! mine isn't quite as reflective as yours, though... i did a drink-making segment...