Thursday, January 13, 2011

We Live in a Jungle Gym

Since then he's been working to make it better. From the first landing to the ceiling is 18' tall so there was no way he could use a ladder and a normal scaffold is too wide to fit in the staircase so Jus & his dad built a scaffold/floor in the stairwell.
While I'm glad that Jus won't be perched precariously on a ladder trying to screw dry wall onto the ceiling I'm not necessarily thrilled with the design of the scaffold, you see, we aren't able to use the front stairs any more.

One thing we are able to do is hang from the scaffolding like monkeys.
Who knew home remodeling could be so much fun?


Nuha Sofiyan said...

haha looks like fun! just be careful!..hope your renovations go quickly and smoothly

Autumn said...

I love home renovations and anything turn of the century because my family is huge into antiques.

I am so excited to see how your house turns out!


rachelinaustin said...

Such a cute photo!!! <3