Thursday, February 3, 2011

Snow Day

When our day got called off yesterday Jus & I decided to ignore the work we had to do and spend the day being bums. Plus we had a state of emergency so we were unable to drive anywhere.

I thought I'd document our snow day so you can see how we spent our lazy day.

10:30 (Yes, we slept in, it's a snow day!)
Wake up, take the dogs out, laugh as Edie tries to walk though the shallowest part of the snow.

Brew some Colombian blend from the local coffee shop, catch up on some blogs, start working on Vlog Friday post.

Be glad you married a hard worker, watch as Jus shovels the sidewalk and be thankful that you are warm inside.

Bundle up and walk a block to a local restaurant for lunch, realize that it might have been beneficial to have gone to the grocery store before the storm but wouldn't have mattered too much considering you don't have a stove.

Get home from lunch and make hot chocolate in preparation for an afternoon of reading.

Read under the covers.

Keep reading under the covers. Finish your book and start a new one. Take a short nap.

Wake up and keep reading in the chair. Be thankful that you have a Basset Hound to keep your lap warm.

Get bored. Wander into the guitar room and bug Jus while he's playing guitar.

Watch TV, order pizza, catch up on blogs while snuggling under the covers.

Snuggle with the dog while watching Criminal Minds & Law & Order.

Laugh as you watch Jus & Edie play. Be thankful you have a warm place to stay.

Brush your teeth & get back into bed to read some more, be thankful that you get to go back to work tomorrow.

How did you spend your snow day?

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PPS Tomorrow is Vlog Friday! This week's prompt is What's the best advice you've ever received? Send me a message with your link so I can add you to my post!


Katie Baba Nielson said...

WHAT a cozy day! this is my perfect kind of day!

Lauryn said...

This looks like an absolute perfect snow day! I love the reading, the cocoa, the puppy snuggles, all of it!

Krysten @ After 'I Do' said...

Is it sad that this was practically my life for 6 months last year when I was unemployed? It's fun for awhile but not every day!

steph c said...

Ohhh I'm jealous. I could use a real snow day! So many people have been off in the DC area lately, but not us :( Lame.

Meghan said...

This is such an adorable post! You had a lovely snow day:) Can't wait for vlog Friday!

Kristen said...

Sounds delightful :)

Leah Rife said...

That looks like the perfect day! I wish my hubby couldn't go to work for a day so we could get all cozy like that! :) Also, I tried to find The Red Tent that I saw on your reading list, but our library didn't have it. So I got Day After Night by the same author and it was amazing! I have a request in for the Red Tent though. Anyway, I'm sure you'd love Day After Night if you haven't read it already. :)

Jenny said...

I want a snow day! It's like the perfect day for some R&R :)

LatteLove said...

this seriously sounds like the best day ever! thanks for sharing :-)

Deidre said...

This sounds great!

Particularly the hot chocolate. Yum!

Well, i didn't have a snow day. It's summer!!! I miss snow though!

Lindsay said...

what a nice relaxing day :) do you have an iphone app that takes your pics like that?

Maddison said...

This day looks AMAZING! Love it =)

Married In Chicago said...

Your snow day sounds pretty similar to mine! Except I've now had three snow days and I'm starting to get antsy antsy antsy! I'm actually looking forward to going to work tomorrow!

Micaela said...

you guys are SO CUTE!!! and you look so comfy and cozy reading :) that's exactly what i did on my snow day... that and watched some trash tv.. not all trash-- my usual crime shows which is better {though perhaps weirder!} than "jersey shore" right? {sorry for those who like that show! lol} and i did some reading too! it's so good to have my nose in a book ... i had really let that passion go for awhile!

lots and lots of coffeee.


oh! and i made valentines :)

oomph. said...

cute the pics. i would love to have a day to lounge in bed and read!

Amanda said...

wow, that sounds like such a wonderful snow day! our snow up here is just melting it's the weirdest thing. we're around a month and a half away from when that's supposed to happen so it's just weird....

Amy at TheSceneFromMe said...

Hey, are you in INdiana too? I've had like 4 snow days this week near the center of the state. Ice and then more snow on top of the ice.
I don't know when we will thaw out!
Love your recap of your snow day, ha!
I had mucho time to snuggle with my pups also :)

Ashley said...

Looks like such a fun day! Especially the cozy reading time! :)