Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Little List

1) I love when Jus and I learn new things about each other. After being together for 4 years we tell each other the same stories all the time so when I discover he wants 3 kids instead of 2 and he discovers I prefer sauceless pizza life gets interesting.

2) I have my first wedding this weekend. I am both excited and nervous. I know that the wedding will be beatufiul but I want to do everything possible to make their day perfect.

3) Jus & my grandpa started working on the new railing last weekend and it looks so awesome! I can't wait until it is done.

4) I am tired of being sick. I am also tired of winter. I am expecially tired of being sick in the winter.

5) Sometimes I make silly declarations. Like if we were to get another cat it would have to be black & white like Jack because black & white cats are the most visually appealing (even though orange cats are my fave).

6) Do you ever make realizations about yourself? I just realized that while at a store if they open up a new lane and say "I can take the next person" I usually let the people behind me switch to the new lane. Most of the time I'm not really in a rush and it seems like a lot of times everyone else is.

7) The Pioneer Woman just got a new Basset Hound. I am wicked jealous. Jus & I often talk about getting a gaggle of Bassets. Franklin tops the name list today.
By Ree Drummond

8) The local boutique that I love to shop at has all of it's dresses for 25% off this week. I went last week and there were literally 20 dresses I wanted to take home. This is going to be bad for my bank account.

9) I am still on the hunt for a comforter/quilt/duvet. If you have a favorite send it my way. The purple/grey walls in our bedroom make it hard to find anything that matches!

10) I love all white rooms, really really love them. However, when we go to paint a room we always pick super rich tones. I'm not quite sure where the disconnect happens. Oh well, perhaps in our next house.

How's your Tuesday going?


ilene @ muchloveilly said...

haha YES i love it when ryan and i discover new things about the other person. i'm sure i'll be discovering more once we're married!

and yes white rooms are so gorgeous - there is something so crisp and elegant about them. but they make me nervous too! knowing me i'd probably spill coffee or smear pizzasauce on the white rugs or coffee. those are just some of the things that tend to happen to me - hehe

Ashlie said...

I am in love with the ruffle and the corner ruffle. Some other places I like to find my duvets is pottery barn and ikea. Hope you find one you love.

Amy said...

Woh! Weird my bedroom is purple and grey too!!

There is a duvet cover at IKEA right now and it's a dark grey, but shiny... it's SO nice and reasonably priced.

Abby said...

That line, "gaggle of bassets" cracked me up;) Oh, and black and white cats are very cute (I have 2 of them!)
Check out Anthropologie for duvet covers and the like. If you can find a good sale, the price can be reasonable.

Krysten @ After 'I Do' said...

I'm always too lazy to move over to the new lane. Even if I am in a rush I'd rather just wait lol.

Molly said...

Those Bassets are absolutely adorable! =)

Layla said...

Same with the new line at the store! I also let someone else go. I love how close your whole family is and that Jus and your grandpa work on the house together. :) Good luck this weekend! You'll rock it!

steph c said...

I love orange cats the best too ;) But that's probably because that was my first cat as a kid!

Elizabeth said...

Next house? I thought this was your "forever" house!!

Amanda said...

I also am sick of winter...it snowed right after all our snow from the last storm had melted. UGH.

Yay for your first wedding! It'll be great! (If we could all send you a text on that day with encouraging words, we would!!)