Monday, March 14, 2011

Weekend Style + a Little of Last Week's

Happy Monday, sugar!

I hope you had a lovely weekend. My little sister, Banan, was in town so Jus & I filled as much of our time with her as possible.

In trying to figure out how to organize all my randomness I've decided to have a weekly post of my adventures in fashion.

This past week I met with one current bride & one perspective bride which gave me plenty of opportunities to play dress up!

A couple of weeks ago Banan sent me the Kendi Everyday dress from Modcloth's awesome sale. (I know, best sister ever!) I can't wait to pair this dress with other bright colors & continue to wear it throughout the summer.

dress: modcloth cardigan: old navy belt: kohl's
chevron tights: h & m boots: target

This week I struggled with my closet. I felt like I had totally run out of options and was bored with much that my closet hung. Last Thursday I remixed my striped Old Navy dress that I first showed you here.

dress: old navy cardigan:target belt:thrifted
ivory tights: claire's boots: target

Friday night Banan & I got ready while we listened to Jus's radio show and then we head out.

dress: boutique on south street in philadelphia tights: claire's
belt: vintage boots: target

Yes, it's true, my little sister is 6 inches taller than me.

Saturday I hit a wall, absolutely exhausted and sure that my closet was full of duds I was thrilled when Banan came to my rescue and let me borrow a dress (and Jus came to our rescue and took us out for Italian.)

dress: local boutique, courtesy of banan
tights, boots & cardigan: target belt: kohl's 

Don't you love Banan's H & M skirt? It's covered in hearts!

Looking over these pictures I think it's pretty obvious that I have a specific style, and that I need to expand where I shop since Target totally dominates my wardrobe.

How do you get out of fashion ruts?

PS Did you see the very first Edie Weekend?


Banan said...

Love! Thanks for the great weekend!

Krysten @ After 'I Do' said...

I'm always in a fashion rut =-( I need to spice up my wardrobe.

Leah Rife said...

I love dresses! They make everything so much more fun. :)

Taylor said...

I love your wedding tree guest book...where did you find it? Thanks!

Amanda said...

oh i really like the shiny black and silver dress! very pretty!

everyone calls me bon bon said...

Very cute outfits! Hey, if the style works, just go with it! It's fun to change things up though too...keeps you fresh and sane:-) xoxo

Jessica said...

That last dress is BY FAR my fave!!

Jessica said...

That last dress is BY FAR my fave!!

Deidre said...

You do have a distinct style, but it's so cute, why change it?

I think I have a distinct style, but I am not sure how to put it into words.

Right now it's mostly jammies.

Micaela said...

you make me want to do outfit posts! :) to wear dresses and tights and sass ;) I LOVE THEM!! seriously!

*Rose* said...

I love the Kendi Everyday dress from Modcloth, the ruffle is adorable!

Scientific Housewife said...

Those outfits are all so cute!

BrittanButterfly said...

cole! you are so cute! i love all your outfits (especially the striped dress with the green cardi) and i love the one of you with edi!
i can relate to you being smaller than your sister, while my little sister (almost 6 years younger) is only a few inches taller than me, most of the time everyone thinks she is the older one. ha hah a, oh well, that's life right?

p.s. thank you for your comment about posey and my new banner!

Lauryn said...

Very cute! I'm loving belted waists these days too. There's just something so nice and feminine about that look.

steph c said...

You seriously have the best dresses ever. And I love the patterned tights on the third outfit!!

Kimberly Geneviève said...

so cute, hun!