Thursday, April 21, 2011

Roundup: April Showers

I'm not sure about where you live, but around here the saying has been ringing true lately. We've had wet, wet weather and what better way to brighten up a grey day than adding some pretty rain gear?

A delightful surprise for you & your strolling partner.

Bright flowers make every day brighter.

Just in case you forget your umbrella.
It's Raining, It's Pouring Tee from Modcloth $34.99

The shape of this umbrella is quite possibly the best thing ever.

I've been loving clear umbrellas lately.

Brighten up your day while staying inside.

Girly umbrellas are the best.

Show your wild side.

I haven't seen a raincoat this cute in a long time.

Another umbrella proving that bright flowers are the way to go.

I know this isn't cheap but doesn't it make your heart flutter?
Cottage Rose Umbrella from $85.00

These rain clouds are much prettier than real rain clouds.

Polka dotted goodness
Red/White Dot Umbrella from Target $26.99

Love the scalloped edges.

Rain is much prettier on your wall than out your window.

Stay tuned next week for part 2 of this fun roundup!


ilene @ muchloveilly said...

what a suh-weet round up! loooove the red polka dot and the clear one especially!!!

Lindsay said...

I am in love with these and they keep going on sale....***7********9852567*M060&stockNumber=9852567&showDefaultOption=true

Krysten @ After 'I Do' said...

Love those pink umbrellas!!

Amy said...

or you can always be super cool and get the nubrella!!

The New June said...

Oh goodness gracious, I love it all!

Same here on the rain, but the sun finally came around today.

Your blog is FABULOUS, so glad I stopped by :)

hayley j said...

LOVE the solar system one!

Heidi said...

I LOVE Umbrellas! My favorite is finding cute and bright colored ones at thrift stores :) So fun!

Heidi said...

I LOVE Umbrellas! My favorite is finding cute and bright colored ones at thrift stores :) So fun!

Oh, My Darling said...

Love the idea of a hidden secret galaxy on the underside of the umbrella!

Amanda said...

i have an umbrella just like the clear one but it has a yellow ring around the bottom. I love it! I got it at the thrift store for 75cents!!!

Life by Wyetha said...

I love the vintage umbrella's especially hot pink with the black trim. I'm adding that to my Kaboodle list.