Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Little List

1. First off I want to apologize for my continuous lack of commenting on your blogs. Life is crazy right now but it should mellow out in a couple of weeks.

2. Last week I met a little girl named Sloane. Sloane reminds me of Ferris Bueller's girlfriend so it automatically sounds very 80s to me. Very awesomely 80s.

3. Lately I've been craving dessert every single night. Unfortunately our entire house is empty of dessert and most nights I'm too lazy to walk down the block to CVS. The dessert & laziness are probably directly related.

4. I have waged war against our garden. There are scrub trees & myrtle everywhere. I've been yanking everything up in an effort to let the peony & hydrangea bushes. In the last couple of weeks our garden has gone from looking like this, to looking like this.

5. Our neighbor has two of the biggest peony bushes I've ever seen. You can imagine my delight when I realized we had one that was just as big in our back yard. And not only that but it's surrounded by hydrangeas!

6. My life is all about flowers right now. I'm currently making dozens of paper flowers for my next wedding in a couple of weeks. Planning weddings allows me to do all of the fun things I didn't get to do for our wedding.

7. Strawberry shakes are my new fave. Jus used to get them all the time and getting a bite or two every once in a while got me hooked. The only flavor of shake I like more than strawberry is raspberry.

8. I take that back. Arnold Palmers are my new fave. I definitely think 1/2 iced tea 1/2 lemonades will rule my summer.

9. I'm really proud of the hard work Jus has done to make the Behemoth our home. I know I've done work too but to see what he can accomplish in a day is wonderful.

10. Stop back by today for an extra special surprise. I've been wanting to put together something fun for my bloggy friends & can't wait to share it with you!


ilene @ muchloveilly said...

mmm i love strawberry shakes! it reminds me of summertime - which is almost here!

Caitlin said...

Strawberry shakes are yummy! I tend to prefer chocolate but strawberry is pretty awesome sauce too. Good luck on your garden battle! We all stand with you!

Jessica said...

And my first born child shall be named Sloane. Not joking. I adore that name.

Amanda said...

That is exactly what I would have thought if someone would come up to me and say: Hi meet my baby, Sloane.
How could you not think of Ferris?

I really liked what you said in 06. That is so true about past brides...at least for me. After I got married and looked at the blogs, I saw a million things that I wanted to do. It's so good that you can still do some wedding/crafty stuff.

I have never had an Arnold Palmer before--I think I'll have to try it out this summer!