Friday, May 13, 2011

Vlog Friday: How do you overcome differences with your significant other?

Hello, hello!

Now that the fiasco with blogger is over and my blog is live again I knew I couldn't wait to post this week's Vlog Friday.

Jus & I don't fight very much, and don't have very many differences so instead of just me blah blahing about our relationship I thought it would be fun to have both sides of the story.

So check out my vlog with a special guest before you head out for a fun weekend!

I'm getting ready for the Friday night dinner rush at work so I won't have time to put the fancy link tool up but if you do play along be sure to leave a comment below!

Next Week's Prompt:
What was your favorite childhood toy?


Caitlin said...

You're wicked cute :) Love it!

Banan said...

Rude of you to call me out and jus takes my requests on the radio. I think jus likes blogs and should be featured more. I could be featured too!!!

Amy said...

You guys are so cute! I love this.

Kate said...

I love. Jus did way better than Chris at being recorded. Love it and him! You're a lucky gal :)

LatteLove said...

i loved this video! :-)

Rachel Anne said...

Your husband is hilarious! Kudos for getting him on the blog.

steph c said...

You guys are adorable! I'm bummed I somehow missed this week :( Although I'm not sure Scot would be as willing as Jus to get on camera!

Suburban Sweetheart said...

You guys are pretty adorable. You have just a liiiiittle bit of an accent & I LOVE it.

Micaela said...

you guys are sooo cute! :) and real because that's exactly how i used to fight! lol

i did my first little video hello (i'm talking a wimpy 55 seconds) and i kept thinking how adorable you are at it and how easy you make it look :) do you use your camera?

it's scary to think how you're (not just you, me too!) going to raise your kids because yup-- me and my husband are the same, raised different.

i love how you both agree on most things and where you said, "i'd build you a new house"- SWOON! and jus is SO right on grudges. No pouters!

i hope he makes regular vlog appearances :)

and i so commend him for doing them because i don't know that my husband would, and he's on tv for a living right? LOL


Married In Chicago said...

This video was so cute! I don't know how I missed it. I'm glad I'm not the only one who things irrational things when I'm mad - I always feel so guilty afterward!