Wednesday, February 29, 2012

A Change

I've been trying to get motivated to blog this week and frankly I can't find much motivation to do anything but watch tv and sleep. I definitely think the first trimester exhaustion is back in full force.

I'm sure you've been waiting for a Week 25 Bump Update and I'm sad to report that you're going to have to wait 2 more weeks for that update.

We had an appointment with our midwife on Monday and during the apppointment we went over our ultrasound results. LBL looks great and there is nothing to worry about but as it turns out the dating that the ultrasound was giving us (around 20 weeks rather than 22 weeks) was accurate.

When we started trying to make LBL I began charting my BBT but as I had never been regular and it was my first month charting we ended up with 3 potential dates of conception. And as it turns out the latest is the most accurate. So instead of expecting a little June 10 babe we're looking around June 26.

I've been a little down in the dumps about this revelation. It's tough taking a step back at this point of the pregnancy but I know it's for the best. Our birth center only lets women go there if they are between 38 & 42 weeks and if my due date was June 10 and LBL decided to hang out until the 26 the birth center would be a no go.

I know that LBL will continue to grow and will join us at the right time. I just have ants in the pants to meet our darling baby!

PS From now on I'll be joining you Thursdays with my bump updates, starting with week 23 (again) tomorrow.


Anna @ IHOD said...

One of the hardest things for me during pregnancy is not having energy. I am such an active person that its a big sacrifice. You are over half way there! So exciting!

Krysten @ Why Girls Are Weird said...

I'm sorry about your setback Cole but just think, in June you're having your baby. Yay!

Lena at A Crimson Kiss said...

I can imagine that was a disappointment, but you found the silver lining–besides, you know, the happy healthy baby!