Thursday, April 12, 2012

Bump Update: Week 29

I cannot get over how quickly this pregnancy has flown by. On one had October seems like forever ago but on the other hand I can't believe that we're so incredibly close to my due date.
Can I just say damn, I look huge!

Lately I've been feeling much more exhausted & can tell that the third trimester is setting in. I've been trying to work on the house & nursery to get everything ready unfortunately I find myself having to sit down much more often than normal. The good news is that we're getting incredibly close to finishing up and the kitchen cabinets will be installed in two weeks!

Tonight Jus & I have our first Birth Center class. I've been meaning to write about our choice regarding where to have LBL as we've chosen to go to a midwife run Birth Center that is associated with our midwife practice. The classes won't be typical birthing classes because they'll be more focused on having a natural, holistic birth. (I'll be sure to write more about our choice later on!)


Clare said...

First - you look great! You have the pregnancy glow now more than I've seen in other pictures. I'm really interested to read about your birthing experience because that is what I want for when I have my child in the future. I always knew I wanted a natural birth but after watching The Business of Being Born I really settled on the idea of going to a midwife. Looking forward to you sharing!

Murdock's mama said... look GREAT! You're glowing!! :) Can't wait to hear all about your decisions!

ErinMSW said...

You look gorgeous!

Krysten @ Why Girls Are Weird said...

Pregnancy really suits you, you look absolutely gorgeous!

Anonymous said...

you look adorable!

the second and most of third trimester were fantastic for me but then closer to my due date, i was over being pregnant and i wanted the baby out because it was so heavy.

congrats!! :)

Corina said...

I don't know you but i bet you're gonna be a great mum ..
Good luck