Monday, August 17, 2009

Getting Beautious

Today is the day of haircuts, two of the four of us are getting our hair cut. One of us needs it more than the other, so, without further ado...
Our Cairn Terrier, Keegan. She's got some crazy hair. In fact, her hair has earned her the nickname "Dirty," sad, I know, but she's got tons of other nicknames too.* This picture is a couple of months old, but the home trims I've been giving her just aren't cutting it any more, so off to the groomer she goes.
Most people don't know much about Cairns, they often get confused with Scotties or Westies but one of the most famous dogs ever just happens to be a Cairn
One Christmas I campaigned heavily for a Cairn and a couple of days before Christmas I got Keegan. And let me tell you, young Cairns are hell on wheels. They're known to have strong personalities and bodies. They were breed to go into dens after badgers, so they had to put up a pretty good fight, but aren't aggressive normally.
Wheeze genuinely has the best personality of any dog I've ever owned, she is sweet, confident and playful. She never lets you get away with anything, in general she is just an amazing dog. Her "sister" Layla is sweet too, but I'll save that for a later post.
So anyways, she gets her hair cut today, and I'm going to buy her a new collar too, she deserves it. I'm the other one getting my hair cut, but I'm not sure I need a new collar.

My Love for today: Obviously Wheezer, give your dog/cat/iguana a hug for me too
My Happiness for today: Getting my hair cut, there aren't many things I love more than that

*Keegie Wheeze, Wheezer, Wheezie, Tweezer, Tweeze, Yippy, Keeg...the list goes one

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