Sunday, August 16, 2009

Let's Start at the Very Beginning...

A very good place to start*
Hello there, I'm Cole, a girl in love with lots of things, in particular being happy and the things that make me happy.
I love my live-in boyfriend, Jus. And our two puppies Keegan & Layla. 
And all of the lovely nicknames I create for all three. I also love the little 1940s Cape Cod house we live in (picket fence and all).
I love good design & art, in fact I studied graphic design in college but decided to return to my parent's diner to wait tables, do the baking, and try to figure out if the life that my parents have led will be the life I will lead. However I am toying with returning to school to get my Masters in Historic Preservation.
I love reading anything. Once upon a time my favorite design blog led me to a wedding blog that led to reading blog upon blog upon blog, even though there's no ring for the wedding or much money for the redecoration of our house.
I love cooking, even though I don't do this much at home I do have a couple of recipes that always get a good reaction.
There are many many other things I love but if I shared them all now I wouldn't have anything else for later...

So I hope you'll stick around so maybe I can make some happy in your day.

*Does anyone else have the Sound of Music in their head yet?

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