Tuesday, August 25, 2009


So my treasure hunt was fairly successful, I didn't find any Eames Chairs or sputnik lights but I got to spend some quality time with myself and I found these lovelies...

I love this vintage paint by number cockatoo
Whoever painted this didn't put the paint on very heavy and in spots you can still see the numbers. The back is inscribed
"A Gift from Eds for Christmas 1955. Finished painting March 28, 1956."

Lately I had been wanting something more industrial to replace the string light I made following a tutorial I found in ReadyMade (I'll post the instructions later).

I was pleased as punch when I found this beauty.

I'm sitting by it right now and it is giving off a wonderful warm glow.
I also found these wonderful dancing Santas to add to my collection, yes, I have a collection of tacky '50s-esque dancing Santas. You'll have to wait until Christmas to see my gold & silver sparkley ones, my bejewelled Mrs. Claus, my spinning music box Santa, and all my minis (see, I told you I collect them!)

I have one of the ones on the left, but he was only $3.50 and is in really good condition. The one on the right is a new one, he has a cane and a white plastic sack on his back. Plus he was 75% off...yeah, yeah, I'm a nerd.

I also found Jus's worst nightmare...

Clowns don't usually scare me, but this is really too much. It's times like this I'm glad I've never seen the movie It.

My Love for today: Keegan, she's still at the vet and I'm really missing her, they're going to take her catheter out today, so hopefully she can come home tomorrow or the next day.
My Happiness for today: It's my birthday week!!! Hooray!!!

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