Monday, September 7, 2009

The Best Girl

Yesterday morning we lost Keegan. She had not been doing very well since her surgery and had been back to the vet a couple of times. Wheeze had hardly eaten last week and when Jus got home Friday Keegan was very lethargic. Jus took her to the vet and she was there until she died. The vet thinks that after her surgery an abscess formed and burst, he's going to do autopsy and then we will bury her at my parent's house.

Keegan slept on my side of the bed every night, she always begged for food if we were eating anything away from the table, and she was always sure that she could catch the squirrels in our yard. Keegan had more personality then some people I know and wouldn't let anyone get away with anything. I could go on and on about how wonderful she is but this isn't a crazy pet blog.

I think we will get another dog eventually, Layla has been very lonely since Keegan first had to go to the vet and my side of the bed is cold. But this week is about mourning the loss of my favorite dog in the entire world. 


Katie said...

Oh no...I am so sorry to hear that! My first dog, Kesha, slept in my bed with me every night from the age of 2 until I left for college, so I can completely understand how you are feeling. It helped me to look at some of my favorite pictures and remember the joy that she brought to my life. Hugs!


Oh man, I'm so sorry. Its always such a difficult thing to lose a pet.