Monday, September 21, 2009

Proper introductions

You must think I'm a bad pet mom. I've talked about Keegan, Edie, & Jack and have mentioned Layla over and over but have never properly introduced you.
This is our lovely dog Layla.*

Two years ago my mom was on a trip when she decided to stop for a Diet Coke, lying next to the highway was a black dog.** My mom tried to get the dog into her car but the dog took off, running into a nearby lake. She then recruited two teenage boys who were able to catch the dog and put her in my mom's car.
While the dog had a collar she did not have a tag, she was pretty scraped up and incredibly skiddish, my mom called all of the local shelters and no one had reported her missing. Once my mom got the dog home I begged Jus to keep her, and after spending some time with the dog Jus decided she was his. Naturally, he had to name her after a great rock song.

Over the last two years it has become obvious to us that Layla's previous life sucked. Her last owner must have beat the hell out of her, anytime we have a belt, rake, or stick near her she tucks her tail and flattens to the ground.
Jus & I have done everything possible to make her life better. Layla loves Jus something fierce. She whines when he's outside and loves to spoon with him. Layl is about the sweetest girl ever and deserves to have a happy and safe life, which I'm glad we've been able to give her.
*Jus will argue that she is, in fact, HIS dog, but she's both of ours.

**Backstory: My mom is an animal rehabber/rescuer, for years our family has rescued orphaned animals in order to release them. We've rescued squirrels, raccoons, deer, and skunks. My mom has gotten a reputation for rescuing animals so she regularly gets calls about dogs and cats that are running loose or homeless.

My Love for today: Layla, who's laying next to me as we speak, begging me with her eyes to take the puppy back to wherever it came from
My Happiness for today: We're going shopping to get paint, tile, a mirror & lighting for the bathroom tonight!!!

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Layla said...

Poor Layla. :( That breaks my heart. I love this dog, and not just because we share a name.