Monday, September 21, 2009

A Naked Bathroom

I decided to surprise Jus today.

So, I took down the three layers of wallpaper in the bathroom. 

It took FOR-EV-ER but now the bathroom is ready for some primer and paint. 

Isn't it funny that our ugly bathroom is getting even uglier? 

I still don't know what color to paint the bathroom, I love this bedroom and would like to have that feel in our bathroom...

My Love for tonight: Little bitty Edie is getting bigger! She's gained a pound and two ounces. And I love this picture of her.

My Happiness for tonight: The bathroom has officially been started! And congrats to my little sis who's about to get more sisters.

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Anonymous said...

i wish this was like facebook where i could like something. because i love this one!! your love and happinesses just make me smile! i miss you and love you!