Wednesday, September 16, 2009

The Ugliest Bathroom

Our bathroom needs a big time makeover. 
Pretty ugly, no?

Like our storage?

If we were rich we wouldn't bother with redoing our teensy tiny bathroom and just build a new one off our bedroom, but unless we win the lottery I don't think that's happening.
We need to rip off the two layers of wallpaper, paint, retile the floor, put in a pedestal sink that matches the toilet, get a new mirror, and new fixtures.
We're planning to put hexagon tiles on the floor, I love these tiles and they're original to our style of house. If we were rich I'd tile the whole bathroom in them, I think it would help to make the bathroom bigger. 

We're also going to build shelves between the sink and bathtub to store all of the uglies on the back of the door.
The first big question is what color to paint the bathroom, our house is full of rich, saturated colors so I'm dying to paint it something light and breezy, plus we need to make this room look BIGGER, not smaller.
So here are the colors we're thinking of, they're all Valspar colors...

My favorite is La Fonda Mirage but I think it might be a little too dark, the Aquatic Edge is similar but lighter. Clearly we're thinking light blue, but we're open to other options, what do you think?

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