Wednesday, November 18, 2009

A ehhhheadboard

I know I haven't shown you our bedroom yet but before I do I'd like to you to use your imagination.
Picture that the entire second floor of the house is our bedroom, 300 square feet is big for a bedroom; there are three dormers, two in the front and one in the back; the ceiling is pitched but there is a crawl space.
Not too bad, right?
Oh, shoot, I forgot a part...The entire room is paneled.
Yup, our entire bedroom is wood paneling, and not even the nice knotty pine kind, it's seriously varnished plywood, and all of that wood makes for a very dark bedroom.
Initially I thought the best way to decorate would be to have everything else be white in order to break up the dark wood but the changes have been coming veeeeeeery slooooooowly.
When I saw this ReadyMade cover that had an elevator screen as a headboard I was inspired.

I thought a graphic metal headboard (especially a white one) would be a nice contrast to the dark wood and I've been looking for something for a while without avail.
So when I saw this project on design*sponge I was incredibly excited.

This pipe cleaner screen looked like it would be perfect for our bedroom, it would be light, white and graphic, exactly what I wanted.
So after 300 pipe cleaners and a couple of nights I ended up with this...

It's been up for a week now and I'm really not loving it. The more I look at it, the more I look at these pictures, the more embarrassed I am to even show you our bedroom.
I'm not sure if all white is the way to go, maybe we should decorate comfy cozy like a cabin or paint the walls (perhaps grey!) or just suck it up and spend as little time as possible in the bedroom.
As you can tell I'm feeling a little helpless at the moment, I'm toying with writing to "Dear Design*Sponge" but that sort of feels like giving up.
So that's where it stands now, what do you think?

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