Tuesday, December 22, 2009

The Name Game

After seeing this doodle on NotebookDoodles last week I got to thinking about nicknames.
I'm big on nicknames.
So is my family.
At one parent teacher conference my sister's pre-school teacher was worried that she didn't know her name, she'd always say her name was Hannah Banana, never just Hannah.

Nicknames are special, they insinuate a level of closeness, and they're just plain fun.
So anyways, just to prove how much I love nicknames here are some of the ones I get to use...
Jus, Cole, Edie Beads, Layl, Banan, Beth, Bobo, Pipsqueak, Laur, Keegy, Em, Jules, Sar, Manth, PeteyBoy, Riri, Al, Prissy, Wilm, Coley, Wheezer, Sneako, Tuffer, Oller, Knicky, Allie, Celia, Eb-ba-ba.

Do you have a nickname?
What's the best nickname you get to use?


You Are My Fave said...

Your list is lengthy. I get called Melissa all the time but that's not a nickname nor do I like it. I guess I get called Mel the most.

DZ said...

I have had several and seems almost a requirement for being friends:
Me: Blondie, Kid, Davy Jones, Davy Crockett, Z, DZ, The Duck, Wats, Deathwish, Crash, DZ (again), Duke, Za Man (later Za), Dahveed, and the ubiquitous DZ most recently.
School friends' were better: Shan, Jace, Slurby, Robot, Uwe Blop, RickahDee, AJ, Weasel (later Weeze), Cheech, Peeeete, Silk, Norse, Cutter, Schnarrrrrr, House, Toebin, Villet, VD, Broom, Mill dog, F**kin', Schmitty, Schwabbie, Biz, Spoo, Spice, Cougar, Deano, Rahnd, and on...