Thursday, December 3, 2009


Monday I stopped by one of my regular thrifting stops, normally I don't have much luck at this particular store but Monday seemed to be my lucky day.

One of the first things I saw when I walked into the thrift store was my darling pink wreath. I was also able to snag some tinsel garland (I told you our house was pretty sparkly).
I found this great fabric with a birch forest. I'm planning to make a pillow or two out of it, but that'll be my first attempt at pillow making.

This Couroc tray has it's original label on the back, I think the red and gold mushrooms are pretty cool.

I love the shape of these Fibrilla plates. I am thisclose to keeping them for myself, I LOVE the apples!

I also love this little apple green teapot. Sadly, I don't drink much tea.

So except for the wreath and fabric I'm gonna share the wealth and add these lovelies to My Wish for You.

My Love for today: Jus, for working 11 hours at work and coming home and working for another 2 cleaning (I helped!)
My Happiness for today: Watching Elf and remembering that "The best way to spread Christmas cheer is singing loud for all to hear."
And today is little Miss Edie Sedgwick's 4 month birthday.


pen.ny said...

I love that fabric, what a great find!!

Jenna said...

Oooh, love the teapot! Also, Elf is AMAZING

You Are My Fave said...

Yes! I love good thrift store finds. Sometimes they're so hard to come by.

Polaroid film was discontinued this year but they're going to start remaking it next spring. Hooray!