Wednesday, December 2, 2009

It's Beginning to Look a lot like Christmas

I was finally able to start decorating our house for Christmas this weekend. We're still minus a tree but it's look starting to look festive around here.
So here's a little Christmas cheer tour...

I decided to add a little lace to the front door's wreath this year, I like to think it looks a little better in person.

Front Hall

Remember back in August when I found some new dancing Santas and promised to show you the rest of my collection?
Well, here they are, don't judge. I love them for who and what they are, and for who decided to take these tacking plastic Santas and DIY them into something wonderful.

I like to let the Mrs. Clauses hang out together, I think maybe they talk about knitting and reindeers and such.

The triplets dance on the shelf below.

The Santa in the middle is a music box and the one on the right is the oldest I have.

These silver and gold Santas were my first, I spotted them in an antique mall and loved how delightfully tacky '50s they are. They now hold court over a slew of smaller sparkly Santas.

On Monday I read that Nicole on Making It Lovely had ordered a pink Christmas tree and I went on a treasure hunt dying for one. As it would be I found this glorious wreath instead.

Once I finished decorating I turned to Jus and said "You know, I think my Christmas decorating style is one part shiny and one part tacky and one part kitsch."
And you know what the love of my life said?
"I like it."

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