Saturday, December 5, 2009

Wild Horses

Fridays are long days for me. I usually work at least thirteen hours so when I come home I just like to shower and zone out in front of the tv. All day I was a little worried about Jus cause he said he had a stomach ache and I couldn't really get a hold of him.
Last night Jus was in his guitar room when I got home. I went in and plopped myself down on the sofa complaining about how long my day was.
The Rolling Stones Wild Horses* came on and Jus got up and asked me if I wanted to dance.** I said that I didn't really feel like it and so he asked me again I finally relented and got up to dance. I could feel Jus's hands shaking and was worried he was really sick.
While we were dancing he turned me around so my back was facing him and I felt him pull something out of his pocket. We kept dancing and he wrapped his arm around me again and opened his hand. He was holding the most beautiful ring and asked if I'd marry him.
Last night we celebrated with our parents and today we're off to show the rest of the family, but I wanted to share it with you all too. 
So without further ado...

We've already promised we aren't planning anything until after Christmas, we're just going to be engaged for a while.

*Wild Horses is one of those songs that we've both said should be "our" song, even though our song has always been Dylan's Lay Lady Lay. Now I think Wild Horses will forever be our song.

**When good songs come on I usually make Jus get up and dance, this has resulted in dance parties in the kitchen, living room and guitar room many times.


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pen.ny said...

OH MY, I was not expecting that ending to your story!! Congratulations! What a nice surprise, and your ring is super super gorgeous:)

katrina lauren said...

sigh! how romantic and so special! congratulations! enjoy this time of sharing your special news with family & friends...enjoy each other! i absolutley adore your is beautiful!
yay for love in the air....a die hard romantic...yep that's me!