Thursday, March 25, 2010

The Happiest of Birthdays

Today is my mom's 50th birthday, this week she's been a little worried about this birthday, but the way I see it, turning 50 just means that you have 50 years of awesome memories and experiences.
I've jam packed some of my mom's memories and experiences into this post so please excuse how picture heavy it is, and Mom, I promise I'm not trying to embarrass you with these pictures, just sharing your life.

Mom, thank you for being my best friend and the best mother possible. You are so kind and caring.
My mom at 9 months

On her graduation day

Mom, baby Banana, & me, 1989

Thank you for all of the sacrifices you have made and all of the support you have given. Banana and I are lucky to have a mom who will love and support us no matter what.
Dad, Mom & Banan Christmas, 1993
(Notice Banana's Barney PJs?)

Our family Christmas, 2005

How cute is she?

I know there are many times you and I have butt heads simply by being so similar but I couldn't have asked for more.
I look a little scared, don't I?
October 1985

My grandpa & Mom
(PS This is one of the only pictures I could find of these two which means this is a definitely must have at the wedding)

My Grandma, Banan, Mom & me, 1993

Thank you for putting up with all of my craziness, my wacky ideas, and my weird dreams. You have been the best support system I could have asked for.
Mom & me at my graduation open house, 2003

Mom & Banana, 2004

We got a donkey! 2002

Thank you for finding the love of your life and creating an awesome family. I know I have said this before but you and Dad are the best example of what a loving couple should be.
Biking around Mackinac Island, 2008

Her first hour as a mom, 1985

Talk about bathing beauties, 1990

Thank you for welcoming Jus into our family with open arms. I am so happy and lucky to have a family that loves Jus as much as I do.
"I'm making this face cause that's what a raccoon looks like"
Mackinac Island, 2008

And Jus makes five, 2009

You are the best mom ever and I am so lucky to be able to see you every day. I love how our relationship works and how close we are.
Mom & my cousin, Chip, the two of them are more like siblings than aunt/nephew

Mom, Banana, & me, 1989

Happy 50th Mom! I hope you have a great day! We love you so so so much!

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Camilla Leila said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY! 50 is wonderful!!

Rodi Jussey said...

Totally precious. I have to admit I had a little tear. I heart your family :*) Happy Birthday, Charity!

Kate.Showalter said...

This is such a sweet window into your lives. Happy Birthday, Charity! 50 and fabulous!

Kristen said...

What a sweet post!

pen.ny said...

You are the spitting image of your mom!!!!!!!!

danielle and dinosaur toes said...

I love looking at old family photos. That picture from 1989, it's almost scary just how much you and your mom look alike! Even closer than twins!

Micaela said...

I whole heartedly believe that your parents are just THE COOLEST! i fell in love with them on your series. I hope she had a WONDERFUL birthday & that picture of you all bathing beauties- PRICELESS.